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Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Bio-Tech Pharmacal

About Bio-Tech Pharmacal

A company that provides pharmaceutical-grade nutraceutical supplements - Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. has a formula that wins. With just attention to detail, raw materials, and the best employees, this company provides high-quality products to rival the rest. Everything the Bio-tech family does revolves around nature.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal is a 35 year old veteran-owned family business. The company, with on-site scientists and doctors have over 50 years of development and research. Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc not only produces products with natural ingredients, but also manufactures these supplements in natural surroundings.


The Bio-Tech Pharmacal Mission

The mission of Bio-Tech is to produce quality products, tested extensively, to consumers in need. Not only do they wish to provide help to those in need, but also provide an affordable product for those who may otherwise be left behind. Their products are competitive in price, quality, and visibility. Despite the affordable products, Bio-Tech travels the world in search of raw materials, some of which carry a high price. The mission: helping those in need, no matter the cost.

Quality and Safety

All equipment used to manufacture supplements are up to NSF and cGMP standards. Bio-Tech’s quality and safety measures depend on the health of their employees who can enjoy a natural environment right outside the manufacturing facility’s door. This includes a wooded area and pond. Healthy and happy employees means good quality products.

Bio-Tech Pharmacals Best-Selling Products

C-Max 1000 – This product hails 1000 mg of vitamin C which packs a punch. It boosts the immune system and regulates histamine levels. Not only that, C-Max aids in tissue repair after surgery or injuries. It’s easy on the digestive system.

Melatonin SR – As the sleep cycle must be regulated for best health, there must be ample amounts of melatonin in the body. This supplement is a great benefit for anyone suffering from an unhealthy sleep cycle or jet lag. It is formulated to gradually release melatonin a bit at a time.

K-99 (Gluconate) – a supplement that supports the cardiovascular system and contraction of the muscles. It also regulates blood pressure as well. Potassium is an important ingredient in this product.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal PRODUCTS