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About Bezwecken

Bezwecken is the German word for "to aim at, to achieve". It was chosen as the name of the company because it embodies our mission: Achieve excellence in the dietary supplement industry by providing healthcare professionals reliable and effective products at an affordable price. For the past 20+ years, Bezwecken has accomplished just that.

Bezwecken is a cruelty-free (against animal testing) healthcare company founded 30 years ago that provides natural solutions for women as they go through the various stages and changes that take place throughout their lifetime. 


Founded by Dr. Shefrin ND, the company supports women during post-menopause and PMS with high-quality, nutritional supplements and sells products clinically tested and developed by Doctor David Shefrin himself. 

The brand consists of healthcare professionals that are dedicated to offering women formulas of exceptional quality, as well as stellar customer services to its network of licensed healthcare professionals.

All Bezwecken formulas are sold exclusively to licensed healthcare practitioners as the company firmly believes that patients can receive the maximum health results from dietary supplements and formulas when they are under the care of trusted and licensed healthcare professionals. 


Bezwecken Product Quality Control

Bezwecken strives to produce and manufacture formulas of exceptional potency and purity, while also believing in full ingredient disclosure. That way, its customers can always see what they're getting. This also helps establish a trusting patient-healthcare professional relationship since nothing is in the dark or hidden. 

In regards to product quality control, the company meets or exceeds all FDA-approved testing requirements, all well all the requirements for cosmetic testing, while manufacturing and packaging all of its products in its Oregon-based, GMP-compliant facility.

The brand is also routinely audited by third-party ISO-testified testing labs to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices are followed at all times. However, auditing procedures are also included in their line of suppliers. All raw-ingredient suppliers undergo frequent inspections and checks to make sure they continue to provide only the best quality ingredients at any given time. 

Quality checks - The brand is very serious with quality checks and is particularly focused on delivering top-tier products continuously. To achieve that, it performs multiple screens to its formulas, across all stages of the manufacturing process, including the supply of raw materials. Among others, the company tests its products for:

Potency - The brand performs checks on its active compounds before the manufacturing stage to make sure the raw materials used are of the highest potency and quality. It is also paramount that the final product meets all label claims, which is why the finished formulas are also re-checked for potency. 

Purity - Raw ingredients undergo HPLC screenings to ensure the purity of the material(s) used.

Microbiological testing - The finished formula is tested for salmonella, mold, yeast, aerobic plate count, E.coli, and more.

Heavy metals -  The final product is tested for heavy metals, including arsenic, mercury,  cadmium, and lead, among others.

Identity -  All raw materials undergo stringent testing as soon as they arrive at the Bezwecken facility and before they enter the manufacturing process.


What is NOT Included in Bezwecken Products

All Bezwecken formulas come free of:

  • Artificial fragrances 

  • Formaldehyde

  • PEG

  • Sulfates 

  • Parabens

  • Mineral oil

  • Phthalates

  • Sodium laurel sulfate

Note: Sometimes it is necessary to use excipients to prevent the formula from breaking down, and ensure not only its shelf-life stability but also its effectiveness. Whenever possible, the company uses mineral- and plant-derived ingredients.


Bezwecken’s Product Line

Bezwecken manufacturers formulas that fall under the following categories:

  • Vaginal dryness support

  • Menopause support

  • PMS support

  • Dietary supplements

  • Topical ointments and creams

Note: No Bezwecken formula has been tested on animals. 


Bezwecken’s Best-Selling Products 

Some of the top-rated Bezwecken formulas are:

DHEA ovals - The product helps relieve normal menopause-related vaginal dryness with a pack full of all-natural ingredients, Including beeswax, vitamin E, and organic cocoa butter for prolonged moisture. 

Hydration Orals - They soothe dry vagina symptoms associated with menopause and come enhanced with about 3.25 DHEA and 1mg Estriol per oval. They can even be refrigerated or froze for storage without affecting their potency or quality. Alternatively, you could try Hydration Pearls that can also be inserted vaginally or taken orally per your healthcare professional’s directions. 

Renewed Vaginal Suppositories - A 100% natural product that provides vaginal lubrication and moisture and contains non-toxic chemicals that harm the skin. The formula is designed to be used through menopause continuously and is made using a unique blend of ingredients that provide fast alleviation of vaginal dryness symptoms. 

PG Ovals - It contains 16 vaginal suppositories specifically created to provide much-needed moisture to the vagina, and can be used by women of all ages. It contains all-natural compounds, including beeswax, vitamin E, and organic cocoa butter. 

OSTAB3-L 4X - A product that provides maximum support for a woman's menopause-related mid-life balance. It contains all-natural vitamin E, USP  estriol, USP progesterone, coconut oil, and rice bran oil. Two (2) milligrams of estriol and 40 mg of progesterone are included in every 10 drops. 

Note: Bezwecken products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a LICENSED health care professional.

Some of Bezwecken’s products have been discontinued or are out of stock for the time being. Kindly note that this is a temporary situation and as soon as they become available again, they will be provided through our Bezwecken product pages in real-time. 


Bezwecken PRODUCTS