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American Biotech Labs

American Biotech Labs

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Focusing mainly on SilverSol Technology, American Biotech Labs continue to strive toward excellence in colloidal silver as a household solution for families everywhere. Helping individuals stay strong and healthy for decades, American Biotech provides creams, gels, liquids, and lozenges to the public.

American Biotech Labs, LLC. Is a private silver nanotechnology company, formed in 1998 in the state of Utah. As of January 2013, the company has sold millions of products, all based on the technology of Silversol.

American Biotech Labs’ CEO, Dr. Keith Moeller supports the safe usage of colloidal silver products, and even references historical usage. SilverSol products improve overall health by supporting the immune system, skin issues, and oral health, to name a few advantages. It’s perfectly harmless and can improve your health for years to come.


A Little History of Colloidal Silvers

Colloidal silvers have been around for thousands of years, used by ancient civilizations for their health benefits. From the ancient Greeks to the pioneers of the old west, silver has been seen as a clean and helpful element. From silverware to silver stitches, this substance has proven its worth in history.

In fact, silver products were the only things used by doctors until the invention of antibiotics during the 1900s. Although you cannot completely disregard these older silver solutions provided by doctors, scientific advances and technology still work to create more effective and efficient ways to engineered good quality products.

SilverSol Technologies

Through innovative manufacturing, American Biotech Labs has improved on previous technologies. The company’s advanced nano-silver solution is the new standard that measures all other silver products. There are thousands of pages of test work to prove this. SilverSol is completely safe for human consumption with no negative side effects. It is also one of the best solutions for healing on the market today.

Dental Approved

SilverSol is used for many purposes in dentistry. It is used in both surgical and non-surgical procedures and applications. Dental cleaning, maintaining waterlines, and restorative procedures are just a few services offered that use American Biotech Labs silver products. A protocol called VERASIL uses SilverSol for new tissue reattachment using a laser. SilverSol has also proven effective in bone grafting as well.

American Biotech Labs’Mission

The mission of American Biotech Labs is to create and document powerful and stable nanosilver products. They also care about helping other people even if recipients cannot afford medications or supplements.

Quality Standards and Ingredients

SilverSol has the first double-blind FDA approval for human ingestion proving the substances aren’t toxic or life-threatening. The Sol in SilverSol represents a pure mineral mixed with water that charges the whole container of water, known as Silver Hydrosols. There are more than 20 safety reports that support the safety of SilverSol.

The main ingredient is, of course, silver. But there are other ingredients present in American Biotech Labs’ products that both support and enhance healing and the immune system. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Water
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Sugar
  • Organic honey
  • Citric acid

Best Selling American Biotech Labs Products

Here are a few of the best-selling colloidal silver products, and more, that help with the immune system and skin health. This is only a small sampling of products provided by American Biotech Labs.

Silver Biotics Skin Cream, 3.4 oz. - This skin cream promotes healing, pH balance, and creates a soft and smooth skin surface. Adding moisture to the skin, the product is a non-greasy and fast-absorbing solution to problem skin areas. This particular product is for external use only.

Silver Biotics Health Max 30, 16 oz. – This SilverSol product is scientifically tested to support the immune system when used up to 3 times a day. It contains no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, which makes it even more attractive as a safe and healthy option for boosting germ-fighting aspects of the body. The only ingredients are SilverSol and Deionized water.

Carestat Wound Dressing Gel, 1 oz. – This topical gel is used for various skin surface injuries. The product helps lacerations, 1st and 2nd-degree burns, and minor cuts, healing them faster and providing comfort with some pain relief. Use this product to apply directly over the wound before bandaging.

ASAP Prohealth Max, 16 oz. – This product also improves the immune system with maximum silver support. It’s family safe with no preservatives, gluten-free, and no added sugar. It’s also a vegan product that provides an immune support solution for more individuals.

Silver Biotics Lozenges, Orange Burst, 21 lozenges – If you want to soothe and cool your throat quickly, then this product is for you. Not only does it help with a sore throat, but also adds a hearty boost to the immune system too. The pack contains 90 mg of vitamin C. Only organic and natural ingredients are included in this product.

Silver Biotics Tooth Gel – By combining SilverSol Technology with Xylitol American Biotech has created a powerful gel that cleans your teeth better than any other. This fluoride-free solution also has no artificial colors or parabens. For the best results, the gel should be used twice daily.

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