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American BioSciences

American BioSciences

About American BioSciences

American BioSciences offers natural health supplements that greatly improve a variety of conditions including high cholesterol and joint issues, just to name a few. A notable advantage with BioSciences products is their natural and effective ingredients

For over 20 years, American BioSciences has provided help for people and animals worldwide. Supporting health and health maintenance, their dietary supplements can transform and enhance lives.


Founded in 1999 by David Wells and Rick Jahnke, American BioSciences started on a journey to improve the health of individuals naturally, steering away from all the unneeded chemicals. It was obvious to Wells and Jahnke that herbs improve a number of ailments without the side effects that usually come with chemical-based medications. To get ahead of illnesses, the fortification of the immune defense, improved by these health supplements, is only one of the many outstanding supplemental healing solutions.

The American BioSciences Mission

The vision and mission for the future of American BioSciences are to put consumer needs over selling products and continue to do so. With this shift in perspective, Wells and Jahnke successfully manufactured supplements with a variety of natural substances. In February 2006, American BioSciences was recognized for their work efforts in the Best Science/New Product Introduction and the Nutrition Business Journal (the Annual Awards issue).

The mission is to support individuals in their quest for improved health and healing - not to just medicate a problem. This standard extends to a multitude of conditions. Using natural ingredients not only creates a green supplement but possibly a more powerful healing solution than its pharma counterpart.

The Quality Standards are High at American BioSciences

Strict quality control is utilized at American BioSciences. Good Manufacturing Practices Pharmaceuticals and ISO 9001 are practiced as a stringent assurance of quality in their supplements and other products. Individuals are guaranteed the latest and most potent nutraceutical discoveries in science.

Each product improves health vitality, vigor, and youth in a safe manner. American Biosciences places a great deal of confidence in natural substances and how they improve and support their customers. They also encourage the public to learn for themselves, as much as possible about their individual health conditions before submitting to any supplements or vitamins.

Wells and Jahnke’s devotion to education and research grows with over 20 publications and many Clinical Trials. While American BioSciences products are safe to use, the team also urges the public to seek doctor’s approval before purchasing supplements of any kind. All products are tested in independent labs to ensure safety for the consumer as well. Some of the ingredients of American BioSciences supplements include:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Licorice Root
  • Passionfruit Seed
  • Grape Complex Seed and Skin
  • Wild Rosetta Calyx
  • Fermented Wheat Germ

Each product contains a different mixture of these natural substances, as this is an example of the natural ingredients that American Biosciences utilizes in perfecting their products. These and other natural ingredients can be found in products such as Sleep Support 24/7. Most products do not contain gluten.

American BioSciences Green Power Supplements

For rest and relaxation, American BioSciences offers Green Power supplements manufactured from a high ratio of CBDA/CBD extracts, excluding any THC compounds. Along with its relaxing effects, Green Power Complete Spectrum also alleviates joint pain and increases focus.

Although CBD is harmless, for the most part, some individuals may want to exercise caution when ingesting this supplement. While it does increase focus, people experience positive results of the supplement in varying degrees according to their previous and present health conditions. Also, consult your physician before taking anything containing any cannabis extracts.

Best Selling American BioSciences Products

A few of the best-selling American BioSciences products that support the immune system cardiovascular and prostate health. This is by no means an exhaustive list of American BioSciences’ products.

Metatrol Pro Vegcaps – this product is a fermented wheat germ-based supplement that supports cell metabolic functioning. The fermented wheat germ was first used in the United States after 2005 and produced positive and safe results for multiple health issues.

HP8 Veggie capsules – Packed with natural substances to improve the prostate health and functioning: including Saw Palmetto and Passionfruit Seed. HP8 is one of the most advanced prostate supplements that contain at least 8 isolated natural ingredients.

ImmPower ER AHCC veggie capsules – activates white blood cells to enhance their capabilities in the immune system. Fortifies all aspects of your immune defense.

DGP – derived from an Australian herbal blend for racehorses, a base supplement was changed to aid in joint health for canines. It improves flexibility and mobility, excluding any pharmaceuticals. It even serves as a mood booster, increasing happiness and energy in canines.

NK-9 Immune system support – fortifies and protects the immune system and overall health in canines. The supplement maintains these long-term effects. Created for dogs over 60 lbs. and can be given mixed with food.

CHLOESTSolve 24/7, Healthy Heart Support – Contains plant Sterols that block cholesterol absorption into the body. Reduces the risk of heart disease.

American BioSciences PRODUCTS