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AC Grace Supplements & Vitamins

AC Grace

The A.C. Grace company provides upgrades to your traditional vitamins and supplements.

Who Is A.C. Grace?

A.C. Grace was founded by Roy Erickson, and between the years 1962 and 1984, he created and perfected his signature supplement UNIQUE E. Afterward, other products were developed in the same format, including UNIQUE K2 and Omega E+, making A.C. Grace producers of complete vitamin products.


This company prides itself in developing dietary supplements that are pure, affordable, and go beyond expectations. A.C. Grace provides its customers with products with noticeable benefits when taken at the right dosage and for the correct reasons.

Unique E: Natural Vitamin E

One of the best-kept secrets of the A.C. Grace Company is UNIQUE E. Taken in the right dosage and form, vitamin E supplements can do wonders for the cardiovascular system and stimulate the blood vessels promoting healthy circulation. But not all forms of vitamin E are equal.

UNIQUE E is an unesterified, high antioxidant, all-natural, rancid oil-free vitamin E supplement. This powerful supplement carries the highest concentration of pure vitamin E available. This vitamin E complex provides consumers with maximum health benefits utilizing a total tocopherol complex.

Best-Selling A.C. Grace Products

UNIQUE E Complex- This vitamin E product provides the highest quality of tocotrienol and concentrated tocopherol complex. With the use of alpha, gamma, beta, and delta tocopherols, you get the full spectrum of vitamin E benefits. From brain health to heart health, the UNIQUE E Complex is a life changer.

UNIQUE Vitamin C, 100 tablets- This supplement is responsible for growth, development, and repairing body tissue. UNIQUE Vitamin C also supports a healthy immune system, builds collagen, and helps the body absorb iron. As vitamin C cannot be naturally produced in the body, this product provides all the nutrients that you need.

Micellized Vitamin D3 Liquid - This formula provides drops of vitamin D3 liquid which are absorbed easily into the bloodstream. This product supports immune system function, cell health, and bone mineralization. This formula is suitable for adults, children, and infants.

UNIQUE Vitamin B+ - UNIQUE Vitamin B+ supports the nervous system and the body's biochemical reactions. It helps with energy production, and nerve cell function. It also improves the health of the liver and brain. Vitamin B Folate and vitamin B12 are included in this supplement to make it easier to absorb. It is yeast-free and hypoallergenic.

UNIQUE Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K2, naturally found in animal products and eggs, is a beneficial form of vitamin K, along with vitamin K1. UNIQUE Vitamin K2 plays a role in blood coagulation and bone mineralization. This product works to accumulate calcium binding proteins. Taking Vitamin K2 prevents bone loss and preserves bone density.

Nutrition Information And Ingredients

Nursing mothers can use natural vitamin E complex and other pure vitamin products. In fact, vitamin E is an important component in colostrum. Natural vitamin supplements fill the deficiency gap if the mother isn't getting enough vitamin E from foods. Locate supplement facts, serving size, and caloric content on each product's label. Products may include natural flavors from fruit.

Store products in a cool dry place away from direct light.

Features of AC Grace Supplements

  • Soy-free (soy oil is used, but products are free of organic soy material)

  • Wheat-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Products are certified vegetarian and Kosher

  • A.C. Grace products have no fillers, additives, or artificial colors

Ingredients Found In A.C. Grace Products

  • Vitamin E - This vitamin has amazing benefits for the entire body. It's important to reproduction, vision, the brain, skin, and blood. It also has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals.

    • D gamma-tocopherol - This component of vitamin E protects against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and more.

    • D alpha-tocopherol - This component is most beneficial in promoting healthy skin, including reducing and potentially removing the signs of aging. This includes the benefits of its anti-inflammatory aspects as well.

    • D delta-tocopherol - This component is used as a preservative and antioxidant, making this substance beneficial to the immune system.

    • D beta tocopherol -This component of vitamin E provides natural antioxidants that help with oil stability in vitamin products.

  • Vitamin C - The body cannot naturally produce vitamin C. So, it's necessary to add this component to your body with foods or supplementation. Vitamin C is a great defense against colds and flu, and it may also help prevent a disease or health condition.

  • Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body absorb phosphorous and calcium. This ingredient also helps to improve mood. Vitamin D3 can also be beneficial in kidney function and when added to breast milk, as it does not contain ample amounts of this vitamin.

  • Vitamin B - This vitamin supports cell metabolism. It also supports brain function and prevents various infections. Other aspects of the health improved by vitamin B are digestion, appetite, and the growth of red blood cells. Vitamin B is also beneficial in pregnancy, as it supports fetal brain development.

  • Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium. This is the main mineral found in teeth and bones. Vitamin K2 binds activates the calcium binding of two proteins.

What About Side Effects?

Considering A.C. Grace products have some of the highest quality ingredients, it's safe to say there are few if any side effects from these innovative formulas.

Quality And Safety Of A.C. Grace Products

A.C. Grace products are some of the highest quality supplements of pure concentrated form. The supplements and vitamins have no added fillers and no preservatives. These products are made with all natural forms of vitamins that utilize a full spectrum of beneficial qualities.

Each product is tested thoroughly for any imperfections, deficiencies or contaminants. From start to finish, each step is carefully monitored for the safety of the consumer. A.C. Grace provides some of the best vitamin supplements on the market because they contain the purest and most complete forms of ingredients.