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Immune Fast Chews 30 chewable tablets Zesty Orange
Immune Fast Chews 30 chewable tablets Zesty Orange
Immune Fast Chews 30 chewable tablets Zesty Orange

Immune Fast Chews 30 chewable tablets Zesty Orange

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Immune Fast Benefits:

  • Provides on-the-go defense.

  • Offers immune support for two hours.

  • Fosters a stronger immune system. 

Zand Immunity Immune Fast Chews 30 chewable tablets Zesty Orange

About Immune Fast

Immune Fast is a ZAND Immunity formula that provides on the spot immunity for up to two hours. Designed to improve the response of the immune system, the product contains a blend of Zinc, cornerstone nutrients (i.e., vitamin C), and EpiCor fermented yeast, along with Echinacea – all compounds known for their immune-supporting qualities. The manufacturer uses Mother Nature’s wisdom to optimize the body’s immune response when it needs it the most. It is a formula specifically created for individuals feeling under the weather who need an instant boost of their immune cell activity to help feel healthy. 

How Immune Fast Works 

The formula contains simple and pure ingredients that combine their qualities in fast-absorbing and easily chewable tablets. Everything has been carefully designed down to the last detail, including the naturally sweet tablets that contain no cane sugar, which makes them low glycemic. Immune Fast dramatically improves the activity of the immune cells within 2 hours, enabling an express immune response. Plus, the product comes in a take-anywhere travel size tube that you can easily squeeze in a purse or pocket so you can enjoy instant immunity whenever you need it the most. And, all that is accompanied by a natural, sweet, zesty orange taste. 

Signs of a weakened immune system 

The body exhibits a variety of symptoms and signs when the immune system is not strong enough. Some of these include:

Stomach problems – Nearly 70% of the immune system is based in the gut. This means that ensuring the gut has lots of health-promoting bacteria is key to maintaining good gut (hence, overall) health. Otherwise, we experience flatulence, constipation,and diarrhea. 

Slow healing process – Among others, the immune cells are responsible for healing wounds. In doing so, they send blood rich in nutrients to the injury to help regenerate. A weakened immune system is unable to do any of this.

Fatigue – Our energy levels drop when the immune system is low. This happens because the body is trying to save energy to boost the immune system and help prevent diseases and infections from bringing it down. 

Recurring infections – Signs of a compromised immune system are repeated infections that need at least two courses of antibiotics annually. These can be from coughs and colds to ear infections and influenza. 

The immune system weakens as we age 

Many studies have shown that the immune response capability diminishes over time. This means that the elderly are more likely to experience more severe health conditions, including cancers (and, of course, more infections) than their younger counterparts.  Respiratory infections, pneumonia, the COVID-19, and influenza are a leading cause of death in individuals around their 70s nowadays. 

Scientists claim that the atrophy of the thymus is potentially related to a decrease in T cells (the body’s disease-fighting cells), which, in turn, increases the risk of getting an infection. Others suggest that the production of the immune cells is reduced due to the bone marrow becoming less efficient at performing its intended role (which happens the older we get). In any case, the immune system needs a boost as we age. 

Immune Fast Ingredients 

The formula contains the following compounds:

EpiCor fermented yeast (500 mg) – This ingredient is made via the natural procedures of fermentation, which helps to support a healthy immune system by fostering a healthy gut microbiome. EpiCor comes loaded with bioactive metabolites and acts like a vitamin for the immune system when taken daily. The compound also helps nasal discomfort related to the change of seasons while also modulating the gut microbiota positively. 

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is widely known and used for its immune-strengthening qualities. It is also a key vitamin for the repair and development of the body tissues. Besides, we find vitamin C playing a leading role in many bodily functions, including wound healing, the proper functioning of the immune system, the absorption of iron, and the formation of collagen, and the maintenance of bones, among others. 

Zinc – It helps regulate the immune function, treats diarrhea, influences memory and learning, and contributes to fighting the common cold. Zinc also has a fundamental role in wound healing and reduces the risk of age-related chronic disease, to name a few. 

Elderberry – Both the flowers and berries of elderberry are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that can improve the immune system dramatically. It can help protect the cardiovascular system, lessen stress, and tame inflammation. Some researchers also believe that elderberries may prevent and even alleviate cold and flu symptoms. 

How to Use Immune Fast

The manufacturer recommends chewing three tablets daily. However, always speak to your doctor before you take any supplement, especially if you have a chronic medical condition, taking medications, or are pregnant/lactating. 

About the Immune Fast Manufacturer 

ZAND Immunity is a manufacturer of top-quality nutritional and herbal remedies. For over 30 years, ZAND Immunity has been providing healthcare practitioners with supportive and soothing all-natural formulas that combine Eastern and Western medicine for a wide range of health conditions. From chewables and gummies to syrups, the ZAND Immunity formulas are manufactured in the company-owned GMP-compliant and FDA-Registered facilities, with utmost care for supreme potency and purity. 

Some of the best-sellers include healthy immune function-supporting Organic Herbal Logenze, Herbal Logenzes Orange, Immune Fast Chews, and Elderberry Zinc.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.