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SerenX 120 capsules

SerenX 120 capsules

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Brand: Xymogen
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Xymogen SerenX 120 capsules

Xymogen SerenX

SerenX supports stress management by providing a combination of traditional Chinese botanicals. 

What SerenX is Best For

SerenX is a traditional Chinese botanical formula providing normal Adrenal support.

SerenX may be used for the following:

  • Promote Sense of Inner Calm
  • Stress Management Support
  • Anxiety
  • Calming Jittery Nerves
  • Supporting Normal Nervous System Function
  • Supporting the Immune System during Stress

SerenX by Xymogen is a 5:1 concentration of thirteen herbs targets individuals who have trouble resting, may be over-worked, over-stressed and have exhausted physical reserves; especially (Type A personalities).

Individuals with disturbed shen or agitated (spirit) can benefit according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Symptoms of disturbed shen include: insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, and forgetfulness.

How SerenX Works

SerenX is a 5:1 concentration of a traditional Chinese botanical formula used successfully for over 700 years. It is designed to be used under supervision within a stress management protocol. The synergism among many of these herbs is vital to its efficacy.

Rehmannia Root (Rehmannia glutinosa) & Scrophularia Root (Scrophularia ningpoensis) are two closely related herbs with such similar  uses that they are often used in formulas together. Chinese herbalists use it to restore vital force, to help the body adapt and endure physical and environmental stress .. Scrophularia supplements kidney chi (adrenal chi).

Schisandra Fruit (Schisandre chinesis) is used as an adaptogen for increasing energy and resistance to stress and disease. In TCM specifically, Schisandra is used for physical exhaustion, depression, irritability and memory loss. 

Jujube (Zizyphus spinosa) is used in Chinese medicine for lack of appetite and fatigue.

Biota Seed, also called arborvitae seed contains aromatic compounds that have a sedative effect. It is used for insomnia and constipation.

Don Quai Root (Angelica sinesis) is used in TCM to strengthen the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. Dong quai has a mild sedative effect that can relieve stress and calm nerves.

Chinese Asparagus Root (Asparagus cochinchinensis) is considered very cold in TCM. It is used to moisten dryness, nourish yin and for constipation.

Ophiopogon Root (Ophiopogon japonicus) is known as Mai Men Dong in TCM. Its main function is as a tonic for yin deficiency. This herb, often combined with others is used to address insomnia, restlessness, irritability, thirst, dry mouth, fatigue and inhibits pathogens.

Panax Ginseng (white) is used as a general tonic to strengthen the body and restore vitality. It is used in the presence of stress related symptoms such as: loss of appetite, nausea, listlessness, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache, insomnia. 

Chinese Red Root Sage Root (Red Root Sage) also known as Chinese sage or red sage root is used to support the liver and as a heart tonic that supports normal circulation. It may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Poria Fungus (Poria wol fiporia), a mushroom, is an attractive ingredient for a stress formula because it is known to reduce anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, tension, nervousness and insomnia.

Platycodon Root (Platycodon grandiflorum), is an ancient Chinese herb associated with reduced sensitivity for allergic reactions and reduced capillary permeability. It is used for diarrhea.

Acorus Rhizome (Acorus gramineus), or Japanese Sweet Flag has been used in Asia for more than 2000 years to lessen swelling and constipation. One of its components has a neuroprotective effect.

SerenX Serving Size 

Take two capsules two to three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

SerenX Ingredients

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
5:1 Herbal Extract Blend
Rehmannia Root (Rehmannia glutinosa), Schisandra Fruit (Schisandra chinensis), Jujube Fruit (Ziziphus jujuba), Biota Seed (Biota orientalis), Chinese Asparagus Root (Asparagus cochinchinensis), Ophiopogon Root (Ophiopogon japonicus), Scrophularia Root (Scrophularia ningpoensis), Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis), White Panax Root (Panax ginseng), Chinese Salvia Root (Salvia miltiorrhiza), Poria Fungus (Poria wolfiporia), Platycodon Root (Platycodon grandiflorum), Acorus Rhizome (Acorus gramineus)
1 g **

** Daily Value not established.

All XYMOGEN Formulas Meet or Exceed cGMP Quality Standards.

Other Ingredients: HPMC (vegetable capsule), Stearic Acid, Silica.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Vegetable Capsules

Suitable for vegetarians

SerenX Side Effects

See label for side effects.

SerenX Where to Buy

SerenX  product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy SerenX Online here at or our clinic.

Xymogen's Exclusive Professional Formulas including SerenX 120 capsules are only available through selected licensed health care professionals.

The online sale and discounting of Xymogen formulas are strictly prohibited. Therefore if you plan to buy SerenX 120 capsules online and you compare SerenX 120 capsules prices, you should find that all prices for SerenX 120 are the same recommended retail selling price.

As licenced health care professionals, Acupuncture Atlanta makes Xymogen formulas such as SerenX available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Acupuncture Atlanta, you may inquire about buying SerenX online by calling (404) 233-5080.

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