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ActivEssentials Women 60 packets

ActivEssentials Women 60 packets

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Brand: Xymogen
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Xymogen ActivEssentials Women 60 packets

Xymogen ActivEssentials Women Daily Dose-Pack Nutrition

What ActivEssentials Women is Best For

ActivEssentials Women is recommended for women supporting an improved dietary nutrient intake.

ActivEssentials Women may be used for the following:


  • Provides Foundation Micronutrition for a Variety of Protocols
  • Supports Improved Dietary Nutrient Intake
  • Provides Antioxidant Support

How ActivEssentials Women Works

The average diet can be lacking in complete nutrition due to modern food-production techniques, poor food choices, and nutrient-depleting preparation methods. Combine these with the toll of lifestyle stress and oxidizing chemicals+found in foods and the environment+and it becomes essential to ensure comprehensive foundation nutrition for the body. To achieve this, each cellophane-wrapped package of ActivEssentials contains the following XYMOGEN formulas:

ActivNutrients without Iron This high-quality, hypoallergenic, proprietary multivitamin/mineral blend is provided in vegetable capsules and not only features activated vitamin co-factors and patented Albion chelated mineral complexes, but it also provides folate as a blend of folic acid and 5-MTHF. The form of 5-MTHF is Quatrefolic, which is proven to have greater stability, solubility, and bioavailability over the calcium salt forms of 5-MTHF. The balanced nutrient profile in ActivNutrients without Iron supports vitamin/ mineral synergistic activity; antioxidant protection with vitamins C and E, selenium, and carotenoids; and Phase 1 detoxification.

Oraxinol This innovative blend of oxidation-fighting botanicals contains RosemarinX , derived from rosemary, and Berr-X , derived from a variety of berries. The technique known as ORAC measures antioxidant capacity, and units of an ORAC value are expressed as micromoles Trolox Equivalents per gram of a substance. Consuming an average of five to nine servings per day of a variety of fruits and vegetables yields 6000 Trolox Equivalents. This same amount is supplied by just two capsules (1000 mg) of Oraxinol.

OmegaPure 600 EC Each enteric-coated softgel contains 1.2 g of fish oil, delivering 360 mg eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 240 mg docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). A rigorous, proprietary, temperaturecontrolled/vacuum technology is used for purification and manufacturing. Stringent verification processes reduce any potential health risks which may otherwise result from the oil's exposure to rancid fats, toxins, bacteria, molds, yeasts, or very high levels of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A. XYMOGEN is proud to guarantee the quality, potency, purity, stability, and disintegration time of OmegaPure fish oils. In addition to complying with a host of federal and state regulations, our supplier also agrees to adhere to voluntary guidelines for manufacturing and to a code of ethics as members of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

REFORMULATION: The OmegaPure 600 EC fish oil will now contain a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified enteric coating, fish gelatin softgels, and be IFOS 5 Star certified.

ActivEssentials Women Serving Size 

Take one packet twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

ActivEssentials Women Ingredients

ActivEssentials is a combination of three targeted nutritional formulas conveniently dose-packaged and providing comprehensive nutritional support. ActivEssentials for Women contains iron and additional calcium. ActivEssentials with Calcium contains extra calcium without iron. The formulas include Albion+ chelated minerals; activated B vitamins; Quatrefolic , Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) botanicals; and fresh, pure, third-party assayed fish oils. Calcium is in the form of di-calcium malate and microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC).

See label for full list of ingredients.

ActivEssentials Women Side Effects

See label for side effects.

ActivEssentials Women Where to Buy

ActivEssentials Women product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy ActivEssentials Women Online here at or our clinic.


Consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid if allergic to any ingredient.


Xymogen's Exclusive Professional Formulas including ActivEssentials Women 60 packets are only available through selected licensed health care professionals.

The online sale and discounting of Xymogen formulas are strictly prohibited. Therefore if you plan to buy ActivEssentials Women 60 packets online and you compare ActivEssentials Women 60 packets prices, you should find that all prices for ActivEssentials Women are the same recommended retail selling price.

As licenced health care professionals, Acupuncture Atlanta makes Xymogen formulas such as ActivEssentials Women available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Acupuncture Atlanta, you may inquire about buying ActivEssentials Women online by calling (404) 233-5080.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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