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Women’s Health and Fitness

Women tend to juggle a lot of responsibilities throughout the day including taking care of children and aging parents. Over time, they may put their health and fitness on the back burner. Stress, lack of proper nutrition, lack of exercise, and hormonal changes can all contribute to low energy, fatigue, and other symptoms. There are a few simple steps women can take to a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Sleep can do wonders for your health. Sleep lowers stress, improves memory and focus, reduces cravings, and can help you live longer. Having trouble getting those Z’s? Try unplugging an hour or two before bedtime, and/or taking an herbal supplement such as valerian or melatonin so you can relax naturally. 

2. Eating foods rich in fiber may help balance blood sugar metabolism and improve bowel regularity. Adding a probiotic to your routine may also help with intestinal health. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can ensure you are not only getting enough fiber but tons of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help your body function. The more colorful they are, the bigger punch they have. Take a multivitamin specially made for woman to help fill nutritional gaps, including folate, iron, vitamins B & D, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

3. As women age and approach menopause, bone loss and bone density begin to decline. Calcium levels are important for building and maintaining strong bones. Foods which contain calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, and dark leafy vegetables. Magnesium may help support normal muscle and nerve functions. It also important to combine with calcium and vitamin D in order to maximize the benefits of calcium. 

4. Regular breast self-exams are crucial to breast health, in addition to avoiding stress, and a diet rich in antioxidants such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and green tea. Fish oil, flaxseed oil, and vitamin E are also recommended. According to TCM, breast health corresponds to the liver meridian links to the breast. Liver qi congestion can cause a variety of issues, such as pain, distention, and masses. Emotion is an important part of breast health as well--anger, frustration, and stress can all counteract breast health. 

5. At least 30 minutes of fitness a day can provide more benefits than just weight loss or a healthier you. Exercise has been shown to boost cognitive function, prevent muscle loss, support normal bone function and flexibility, improve libido, enhance blood flow to the skin, balance hormones, and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.