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Want to Burn Fat in Problem Areas? Just pick a Supplement!

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According to Dr. Oz different supplements can help burn fat in different problem areas*:

  1. Extra belly fat - try GLA, 1000 mg before meals
  2. Fat stored in butt - try Chitosan or Whey protein
  3. Flabby arms - try Anthocyanidins
  4. Total body fat - try Green Coffee Beans , 800 mg twice a day

Extra Belly Fat

Extra belly fat is tough to burn because of stress. Your body holds on to extra weight in your belly because the body is sending a message to it via fight-or-flight hormones. About 1000 mg GLA, gamma-linolenic acid before every meal, will:

  • Provide chemicals to the body’s fat cells
  • Signal fat cells to give up fat stores.

Fat Stores in Butt

Some people are more likely to store fat in their butt due to genetics. Chitosan is a dietary fiber supplement made from the outer shell of certain shellfish and Whey protein is packed with amino acids. Each can:

  • Inhibit fats from being absorbed in the intestinal wall
  • Stimulate your growth hormones to burn fat
  • Build muscle.

Flabby Arms

Flabby arms can also be a problem area that is hard to target. Anthocyanidins, made from fruit extracts, can:

  • Strengthen collagen
  • Reduce water retention.

Total Body Fat

Total body fat burning supplements such as green coffee bean extract can help melt fat all over your body. Take 800 mg twice a day for safe and natural weight loss. Green coffee beans are raw and unroasted, which can

  • Slow glucose absorption
  • Stop fat from building up in the body.

Which Product?

You can pick a supplement for your problem area from our selected list below.  Or use one of the links above to get a full list for each one.

Read the Dr. Oz blog here.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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