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TCM Approach to Sexual Wellness in Men and Women

An active sexual life is an important aspect of overall well-being as we age.  Sometimes the aging process can deplete us of libido, sexual desire, normal sexual function, and jing essence which is stored in the kidneys and responsible for sexual wellness is both men and women.

In TCM, sexual activity is defined as the female giving yin and receiving yang; and the male giving yang and receiving yin.  This is considered a balanced libido exchange and benefits both partners.  The jing essence stored in the kidneys is what supports normal sexual functions and can be exhausted.  It is advised not to engage in sexual activity when tired, hungry or weak. 

Diet and lifestyle are also part of the approach of TCM for sexual health, this includes regular exercise to support the flow of blood and qi.  Making sure to include rest which can restore physical strength and drinking alcohol in moderation as this can deplete the body of the blood and jing essence. Foods which help the body’s yang energy are ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.  Yin energy foods include cold water fish, such as salmon, sardines, and shellfish.  Herbal formulas which can jump start both female and male sex drive include gingko biloba or dong quai.

As men age testosterone levels drop, which can lower libido and Kidney essence.  Some natural ways to increase libido include exercise, relaxation, quitting smoking, and including garlic, almonds, avocados, and celery in your diet.  TCM formulas which can support normal erectile function and invigorate yang are Seven Forests Mans Treasure and Antler 8.

As women age, they can begin to experience lack of desire, lack of arousal, failure to orgasm, and pain or discomfort during intercourse.  To be sexually healthy the body needs a balance of yin and yang.  TCM formulas which can address a woman’s sexual energy are Seven Forests Womans Treasure and Health Concerns Three Immortals which can help balance kidney yin and yang.  

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