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Perque Integrative Health is the culmination of Dr. Russell M. Jaffe’s pioneering research in the field of preventive and regenerative medicine. Throughout his prestigious clinical and academic career, Dr. Jaffe has fought to move modern medicine towards a prevention model, focusing on balancing the body through nutrition and lifestyle. For over 24 years, Perque has served this mission by making pure, clinical strength supplements to help many people return to a state of health. 


With over 50 products to choose from, Perque Integrative Health has many powerful tools to help you shore up your nutritional foundation.

Perque best-selling formulas include Potent C Guard Powder, Mg Plus Guard, Activated B-12 Guard, Glucose Regulation Guard Forte, and Repair Guard.

Because of Dr. Jaffe’s work with immune function and food allergies, all of Perque’s formulas are hypoallergenic, free of chemical solvents, and free of common binders and fillers that may be harmful to sensitive individuals. They also were one of few companies to push for third party testing and higher standards in the supplement industry.

Perque has also made nutrient absorption a priority in their formulations, often introducing unique products to do so. Products like Life Guard and MG Plus Guard highlight their commitment to providing you with the best possible results for your unique nutritional needs. 

Perque Activated B-12 Guard 100 lozenges 2000 micrograms  Perque Adreno Distress Guard 180  Perque Adreno Distress Guard 60  Perque Bone Guard Forte 20 100 count  Perque Bone Guard Forte 20 240 count  Perque Choline Citrate 7.86 oz  Perque D3 Cell Guard Liquid 30 milliliters  Perque Detox IN Guard 180 count  Perque Detox IN Guard 60 count  Perque Digesta Guard Forte 10 150 capsules  Perque Endura PAK Guard 180 capsules  Perque Endura PAK Guard 60 capsules  Perque Energized Double Zinc Guard 100 count  Perque EPA DHA Guard 120  Perque EPA DHA Guard 60  Perque Glucose Regulation Guard Forte 180 gelcaps  Perque Glucose Regulation Guard Forte 90  Perque Hair Skin & Nails Guard 120 tablets  Perque Hematin Anemia Guard 100 count  Perque Joint Guard 180 capsules  Perque Joint Guard 90 capsules  Perque Life Guard 180 tablets  Perque Life Guard 60 count  Perque Life Guard 90 chews  Perque Life Guard Mini 180 tablets  Perque Life Guard Mini 60 count  Perque Life Guard without Paba and Folicin 90 count  Perque Liva Guard Forte 120 capsules  Perque Liva Guard Forte 60 capsules  Perque MDP Plus Guard 150  Perque MDP Plus Guard 60 softgels  Perque Mg Plus Guard 180 veggie capsules  Perque Mg Plus Guard 60  Perque Mito Guard 100 Plus 60  Perque Mito Guard 60 Plus 60  Perque Mood Guard 100 capsules  Perque Pain Guard Forte 100 tablets  Perque Pain Guard Forte 250 count  Perque Pain Guard Forte 500 tablets  Perque Potent C Guard 100 tablets 1000 milligrams  Perque Potent C Guard 250 count 1000 milligrams  Perque Potent C Guard Powder 14 packets  Perque Potent C Guard Powder 16 oz  Perque Potent C Guard Powder 8 oz  Perque Prost8 Vitality Guard 100  Perque Regularity Guard 16 oz  Perque Regularity Guard 8 oz  Perque Repair Guard 180 count  Perque Repair Guard 90 tablets  Perque Sleep Guard 180 capsules  Perque Sleep Guard 90 capsules  Perque Triple EFA Guard 120  Perque Triple EFA Guard 60  Perque Vessel Health Guard 90 lozenges  Perque Whey Guard 20 oz Creamy Vanilla  Perque Whey Guard 24 oz Rich Chocolate  Perque Whey Guard Repair 20 oz Vanilla  Perque Whey Guard Repair 24 oz Chocolate  Perque Zinc & Throat Guard 50 lozenges