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Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang 100 grams

Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang 100 grams

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Sun Ten Formulas Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang 100 grams

Sun Ten Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang 100 grams

Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang, also known as Ginseng, Longan and Bupleurum Combination tonifies Qi, supplements Spleen, and nourishes Blood and Heart.

Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang History

Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang translates as Augmented Restore the Spleen Decoction is a variation of the popular 13th century Gui Pi Tang formula with four ingredients added. Gui Pi Tang was originally used to treat excessive worrying that caused symptoms of forgetfulness and insomnia. With the additional herbs, Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang can better treat abnormal bleeding or bruising issues.


Tonifies qi, supplements spleen, and nourishes blood and heart.

Traditional Indications

Deficiency accompanied by gastrointestinal weakness due to mental and physical exhaustion Marked by mild fever, absent-mindedness, and other mental symptoms.

Modern Indications

  • absent-mindedness
  • anxiety
  • poor appetite
  • Supports normal menstruation
  • Supports normal sperm

Gui Pi Tang Ingredient Functions

Ren Shen: ginseng is best known for boosting energy

Huang Qi: astragalus root boosts the immune system and relieves fatigue

Bai Zhu: an herb that strengthens the digestion and boosts energy

Zhi Gan Cao: honey-fried licorice helps relieve fatigue and stop cough

Dang Gui: angelica root helps relieve anemic symptoms and stimulate blood circulation

Yuan Zhi: an herb that calms the mind, relieves anxiety, and clears phlegm Long

Yan Rou: an herb that relieves insomnia and forgetfulness, and calms the mind

Fu Ling: a sweet herb that balances the digestive system and promotes mental tranquility

Suan Zao Ren: a seed that calms the mind and promotes restful sleep

Mu Xiang: an herb that regulates digestion, relieving abdominal pain and diarrhea

Sheng Jiang: fresh ginger helps relieve cold symptoms and regulates the stomach

Chai Hu: a root that relieves constraint, promotes energy flow, and reduces fever

Da Zao: jujube boosts energy, regulates emotions, and harmonizes the formula

Zhi Zi: a bitter fruit that releases heat, dispels toxins, and helps ease irritability


Concentrated powders of natural herbal products tend to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturer to add a suitable amount of excipient to stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Non-GMO starch are used as excipients.

Astragalus root (huang qi), Oriental ginseng root, Atractylodes root (bai zhu), Hoelen fungus (fu ling), Chinese licorice root (gan cao), Jujube fruit (da zao), Longan fruit, Polygala root (yuan zhi), Zizyphus seed (suan zao ren), Aucklandia lappa root (mu xiang), Tang-kuei root (dang gui), Gardenia fruit (zhi zi), Bupleurum root (chai hu), Dry Ginger root (gan jiang).


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