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Gastrodia 9 250 tablets

Gastrodia 9 250 tablets

Brand: Seven Forests
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Seven Forests Gastrodia 9 250 tablets

Seven Forests Gastrodia 9 Tian Ma Xi Feng Pian 250 tablets

Gastrodia 9, also known as Tian Ma Xi Feng Pian, sedates internal wind and resolves phlegm obstruction.

What Gastrodia 9 is Best For

Gastrodia 9 is recommended for people with severe headaches and unsteady gait.

Gastrodia 9 may be used for the following:

  • Headache-Severe
  • Pain
  • Unsteady gait

TCM Function

  • Sedate Internal Wind
  • Resolve Phlegm Obstruction

How Gastrodia 9 Works

Gastrodia 9 by Seven Forests is based on traditional and modern formulas used for pain. 

Gastrodia 9 is made with arisaema, siler, angelica, gastrodia, chiang huo, and typhonium. Silkworm is added to help resolve wind-phlegm. Contributors to pain may include internal deficiencies such as deficiency of qi and blood that allows wind invasion, or deficiency of yin and blood that induces stirring of internal wind. Some excess factors play a role, such as accumulation of dampness and phlegm due to dietary excesses and/or as a result of weak digestion. 

External factors are mainly climate extremes (especially cold-damp wind), though traumatic injury or surgery can also cause blockage and, in combination with the other internal factors, yield the symptoms. Nourishing the blood and improving the function of stomach/spleen (by adding a second formula) may be important to attain lasting results, but the formula may be adequate on its own, or with other wind-resolving formulas.

Gastrodia 9 Serving Size

Take 2-3 count, three times a day.

Gastrodia 9 Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Tian Ma Gastrodia 18%
Chan Tui Cicada Molting 14%
Tian Nan Xing Arisaema 12%
Qiang Huo Notopterygium 12%
Fang Feng Siler 10%
Jiang Can Silkworm 10%
Gui Ban Jiao Fresh-Water Turtle Shell 10%
Fu Zi Aconite (double process) 8%
Gan Cao Licorice 6%

Gastrodia 9 Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Gastrodia 9 Where to Buy

Gastrodia 9 product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Gastrodia 9 Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic.

Read Gastrodia 9 250 tablets Reviews


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Gastrodia 9 250 tablets Reviews

These work great, they are for my dog to control her seizures. so glad to be able to give a all natural medication to her.
Debra S. - Sep 25, 2017
I use it for congestion, phlegm in throat, chest; it works fast within one hour; it does not work on head congestion, sinus pain; for that I use Xanthium 12.
abigail a. - Aug 13, 2017
This product is used on a 16 year old Labrador to combat dizziness caused from phenobarbital for focal seizures. When walking she is much more balanced and steady when using Gastrodia 9. There is always a back-up bottle on hand to make certain not to miss a dose. 36 to 40 pound dog takes one tablet every 12 hours.
judy d. - Sep 24, 2016
Reduced the number of nights i woke up with leg cramps.
Ronald V. - Mar 20, 2016
Gastrodia 9 was suggested to me by my acupuncturist for my Liver Wind symptoms. I went to him complaining of migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, and tremors. It has helped me reduce my neuralgia medication significantly (I was taking 5 pills a day--now I'm down to 2 per day), which was a goal of mine, as it affects my cognitive abilities. My migraines have lessened as well. I'm pleased with the results. We're still working on the tremors, but as with all things, this is a process, not a wave of a magic wand. I will continue with this treatment gladly.
Toni R. - Mar 18, 2016
Since my dog has been on Gastrodia 9 he has not had a single seizure. He takes 2 pills morning and 2 pills at night. He is less anxious and less needy. I could see the difference in him the next day. This product is awesome! Thank you Dr. Bruce Jens of Racine Veterinary Hospital for letting me know about this product and how it helped his dog.
Virginia S. - Aug 22, 2015
This was prescribed by an herbalist as part of a regimen for addressing and alleviating chronic migraine headaches. The incidence and severity of headaches has significantly declined.
Colleen R. - Aug 01, 2015
My veterinarian suggested I use Gastrodia 9 for Cricket, my severely epileptic dog. In combination with medication and a carefully maintained diet she has remained seizure free for 3 3/4 years.
Pati C. - Feb 05, 2014
I have a damaged trigeminal nerve from an infected root canal procedure and have suffered constant pain for 13 years. (Like the worst tooth ache that never goes away) I am on high doses of anti-depressants to block the nerve pain from being recognized in my brain. I began taking gastrodia at the recommendation of my acupuncturist. Since I started 2 weeks ago I was able to reduce my medication by 10 milligrams with no increase in symptoms. I am hoping that as I take it for more time and continue with my acupuncture treatments, that I will be able to reduce the medication even more. I certainly will give it a serious try.
Gail P. - Apr 25, 2012
we use gastrodia for our golden retriever . she had seziures when she was a pup .she was getting 3-4 a week , we had her on fenabarb whick is bad for them a dog will live mabby 5-6 years on that medication . when she was 6 months old we went to a different vet and she sugested we try gastrodia !we went from having 3-4 a week to mayby 1 every 4-6 months ! whet a differance . she is now 10 1/2 years old and still only gets 3-4 a year . there are non side efecks with this herb . i know if we hadent changed meds , she would have been gone years ago ! wonderfull product !!!
Roger W. - Apr 09, 2012
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