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Ardisia 16 100 tablets

Ardisia 16 100 tablets

Brand: Seven Forests
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Seven Forests Ardisia 16 100 tablets

Seven Forests Ardisia 16 Jin Niu Cao Tong Shen Pian 100 tablets

Ardisia 16, also known as Jin Niu Cao Tong Shen Pian, sedates shen, disperses Qi and blood, and resolves phlegm obstruction.

What Ardisia 16 is Best For

Ardisia 16 is recommended for those with insomnia, nervousness, and withdrawal from substances.

Ardisia 16 may be used for the following:

Western Symptoms

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Withdrawal-Substances

TCM Function

  • Sedate Shen
  • Disperse Qi and Blood
  • Resolve Phlegm Obstruction
  • Blood - Stagnant
  • Phlegm

How Ardisia 16 Works

Ardisia 16 by Seven Forests is a traditional formula that was applied to treat nervousness, insomnia, and other stress issues

Ardisia 16 has been modified to reinforce the phlegm-resolving action of pinellia and ginger by adding ardisia and acorus further, the blood vitalizing and heat clearing herbs Red Root Sage, moutan, and peony have been added. Ardisia was selected because it both resolves phlegm and vitalizes blood. Phlegm accumulation and blood stagnation are described by Chinese doctors as contributors to the transformation of acute conditions.

Ardisia 16 Serving Size

Take 2-3 count, three times a day.

Ardisia 16 Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Zou Ma Tai Ardisia 10%
Chai Hu Bupleurum 9%
Mu Li Oyster Shell 8%
Dan Shen Red Root Sage Root 8%
Ban Xia Pinellia 7%
Sheng Di Huang Rehmannia (Fresh) 7%
Huang Qin Scutellaria 6%
Fu Shen Poria (Fu Shen) 5%
Acorus Rhizome 5%
Mu Dan Pi (Su) Moutan 5%
Bai Shao Peony (White) 5%
Ren Shen Ginseng 5%
Rou Gui Cinnamon Bark 5%
Gan Jiang Ginger - Dried 4%
Da Huang Rhubarb 3%

Ardisia 16 Side Effects

See label for side effects.

Ardisia 16 Where to Buy

Ardisia 16 product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Ardisia 16 Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ardisia 16 100 tablets Reviews

My doctor prescribed this for me when I was having heart palpitations and fast heart rate. I have Hashimotos thyroid disease and this herb truely helped my heart calm until my thyroid medicine dosage change started to work. I now use this for nervousness and I use it if I’m feeling cranky. It’s so gentle and it works wonders.
Salina V. - May 06, 2018
Acupuncture Atlanta is a reliable online place for quality herbs, they really know their stuff and provide consistant, reliable and friendly service. Ardesia 16 by Seven Forests has provided me with an alternative to Western medicines for mild anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, without side affects.
cindy s. - Sep 17, 2016
This was recommended to me by a Dr., a naturalist. Ive been using it for 4 months and I really feel better.
Dolores R. - Sep 30, 2013
I used this herb to help me sleep, I feel the Fu-Shen 16 works better for sleeping.
Carol W. - Mar 17, 2011
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