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MotilPro 180 vegetarian capsules
MotilPro 180 vegetarian capsules
MotilPro 180 vegetarian capsules

MotilPro 180 vegetarian capsules

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MotilPro Benefits:

  • Stimulates gut-signaling neurons
  • Supports GI tract motility
  • Fosters healthy serotonergic neurotransmission
Pure Encapsulations MotilPro 180 vegetarian capsules

About MotilPro

MotilPro is a formula with a specific gut-signaling focus for healthy gut motility. To achieve the intended results, it supports cholinergic and serotonergic function. The supplement contains ginger extract, an amino acid called acetyl-l-carnitine, an activated form of vitamin B6, namely pyridoxal-5-phosphate, and 5-HTP, all of which are evidenced to promote the healthy function of the enteric nervous system, which plays a vital role in the smooth contraction of the muscles that allow substances to move throughout the GI tract easily.

How MotilPro Works

Gut signaling refers to the way the brain and gastrointestinal (GI) tract communicate with one another. It all starts with the GI tract letting the brain know that some food particles are present in the stomach. Then, the brain responds to that intel by sending signals which call for the regulation of the secretion, absorption, and motility in the gut (the intestines).

Motility is defined as the process by which peristalsis (the normal procedure that involves rhythmic, coordinated contractions in the intestine to help get rid of waste products and food) is not working properly (i.e., the contractions either disappear completely or become too slow or too rapid), resulting in waste products and food to get stuck in the GI tract. This is a discomforting situation, to say the least, that may lead to further health problems, including tension headaches and hemorrhoids.

It should be noted that the enteric nervous system consists of more than 100 million neurons located across the gastrointestinal tract which use neurohormones and neurotransmitters to communicate with the brain and coordinate smooth muscle contraction.

If the digestive motility symptoms are not secondary to an underlying health condition, MotilPro can alleviate some of them. By supporting the so-called “gut brain” (the enteric nervous system), it allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of fluid and nutrients possible while eliminating toxins (body detoxification) and contributing to restoring abdominal comfort and providing relief in the upper GI tract too. In doing so, the formula promotes the effective transmission of acetylcholine and serotonin, two of the primary neurotransmitters that stimulate gastrointestinal motility.

MotilPro Ingredients

The formula’s most essential compounds are as follows:

Ginger Extract (Root)Studies have found that ginger extract can stimulate antral contractions and the emptying of the stomach in individuals with functional dyspepsia (difficulty digesting food). The ingredient used in the MotilPro formula also helps modulate the signaling of serotonin via a chain of processes that eventually promote gastric emptying, support healthy visceral sensation, help move waste and food through the intestines, and provide upper gastrointestinal comfort.

Acetyl-L Carnitine (Free Form) – It has been evidenced that this compound can improve GI disorders and muscle discomfort, as well as contribute to the restoration of the balance between the good and bad gut bacteria. Acetyl-L Carnitine is also the precursor of the key neurotransmitter behind motility (hence, encourages healthy motility) and also supports fat metabolism.

5-HTP – 5-Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, promotes gut motility by supporting the activity of acetylcholine and serotonin. Considering that more than 95% of the total serotonin inside the body is made by the intestinal lining, ensuring proper levels of gut serotonin is vital to the healthy function of the GI tract. To ensure that, it is crucial that serotonin type-4 receptors (5HTP4) dominate over the 5HTP3 serotonin receptors, which is partly the role of 5-HTP.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B deficiency is closely associated with GI motility and is also found to help lift problems related to GI secretion and absorption.

Other ingredients: ascorbyl palmitate and vegetarian capsule (water and cellulose).

Additional Notes:

  • The recommended dosage is between three and six capsules every day taken between three or more meals unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Always consult your physician before taking any dietary or nutritional supplements, especially if you are taking medications, blood-thinning drugs in particular (in this case), or facing a medical condition.
  • MotilPro should not be taken by lactating or pregnant women.
  • In some sensitive individuals, some of the formula’s compounds may be associated with GI upset. Consult your doctor or healthcare professional for more information.
  • 5-HTP is contra-indicated with MAO inhibitors or SSRI medications.

About the Manufacturer

Pure Encapsulations formulates and manufactures top quality, hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements made with the most bioavailable compounds possible. They implement stringent quality controls during every stage of the process to ensure their products deliver potent nutrition. All Pure Encapsulations products are vegan, non-GMO formulas, free of fillers, binders, and gluten.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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