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Focus DL 60 capsules

Focus DL 60 capsules

Brand: NeuroScience Inc
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NeuroScience Inc Focus DL 60 capsules

NeuroScience Inc. Focus DL 

Focus DL is a DL-phenylalanine dietary supplement providing strong PEA support. 

What Focus DL is Best For

Focus DL is recommended for people with inattentiveness due to decreased PEA.

Focus DL may be used for the following:

  • Supports normal cognitive function
  • Attention support

How Focus DL Works

Focus DL is part of NeuroScience Inc. Catecholamine product line.

Key ingredients

  • DL-phenylalanine: Precursor to phenylethylamine (PEA), dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. PEA is a neuromodulator shown to increase the release of catecholamines such as dopamine and norepinephrine (1).* Dopamine and norepinephrine play an important role in attention and cognition (2).* PEA levels were found to be significantly lower in individuals with focus issues compared to controls (3).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1. Xie Z and Miller G. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008;352(2):617-28.

2. Clark K and Noudoost B. Front Neural Circuits. 2014;8:33.

3. Kusaga A, et al. Ann Neurol. 2002;52(3):372-4.

Focus DL Serving Size

Take 1-2 capsules one to two times daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Focus DL Ingredients

Amoung per serving

DL-phenylalanine….. 1 g

Vegetable capsule (Hypromellose, water), Microcrystalline cellulose, and Magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provider before use. Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine.

Focus DL Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider. 

Focus DL Where to Buy

Focus DL product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Focus DL NeuroScience Supplements Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic

Read Focus DL 60 capsules Reviews

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Focus DL 60 capsules Reviews

I personally did not feel much of a difference. I did have to take 2 or 3 to help me curb cravings. As for focus not that much.
Heba R. - May 19, 2016
This addition to our change in diet has given my son a new lease on life. He has responded well to the DL-Phenylalanine by NeuroScience. He is far more comfortable and happy. He has increased his communication with us and others and reports to having made more friends at school. = Thank you
Angelika J. - Mar 03, 2016
As a veteran of the insurance industry, I often joked that one \"never wanted to be.the case study\" - then I got sick. Naturally, I couldn\'t have anything mundane but instead ended up with 14 different diagnoses and a slew of chronic viral, fungal, & bacterial infections which were by no means typical. One of the byproducts of all this was a notable decline in my memory & executive function. Last year, my physician, noting my deficiency in 8 amino acids (despite the fact that I am an enthusiastic carnivore), suggested I begin taking Focus DL and see how I fare. I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the result! I feel more myself than I have in over 8 years. I can increasingly remember items on the fly, rather being solely dependent on lists and my notes on my phone. A separate practitioner, my ND, also likes and uses products by this manufacturer. I am extremely pleased with & grateful for my progress with this supplement.
Noma S. - Feb 16, 2016
Focus DL + ExcitaPlus (both by NeuroScience) is my non-pharmaceutical approach to dealing with my adult ADD. It works, mostly. I get tested once a year and my nutritionist, doctor and I agree that my ADD tendencies are worse when certain bio-chemical elements are at either significantly higher or lower levels than they should be. Between cleaning up my diet (which helped some by itself, but didn\'t completely address it), exercise and these supplements, I can now actually make it through a meeting without falling asleep or getting completely distracted.
Joanne H. - Jan 12, 2016
Focus DL is really great. It helps to calm down and focus on things better. I would recommend it.
Lynn F. - Mar 19, 2015
This product has helped me so much with mental fatigue and increasing concentration! Thank you so much!
Marica M. - Oct 21, 2014
Quick delivery! Worked well as suggested from results/suggestion from Pharmasan Labs test, relieving symptoms by balancing brain chemistry.
Lo B. - Jun 03, 2014
My 79 year old husband is using this supplement to restore some lost mental abilities. I have noticed that he is thinkng more clearly and his energy level is rebounding. He takes 2 capsules before breakfast and again before lunch.
Arlene C. - Feb 18, 2014
My doctor recommended Focus DL by NeuroScience after testing my neurotransmitters, The dosage is twice a day after meals. I take one dose after breakfast and then another after lunch. I have noticed great improvement in overall ability to focus plus reduced stress - probably because I can now concentrate and get my work done faster.
A. D. - Sep 15, 2013
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