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Lugol\'s Iodine 2 oz

Lugol's Iodine 2 oz

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Lugols Iodine Benefits:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Fosters normal thyroid and metabolic function
  • Improves cognition
  • Promotes mental focus and sharp thinking
  • Eliminates brain fog
  • Restores energy levels
  • Prevents dry skin
Mother Earth Labs Lugol's Iodine 2 oz

Lugol's iodine is a solution of potassium iodide and iodine in water. It has been used for over 150 years as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and cleaning agent. It is still used today for these purposes, as well as for treating some medical conditions.

Lugol's Iodine from Mother Earth Labs is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules. Iodine is an essential element that the body needs in order to function properly. It is found in many foods, but the body cannot make it, so we have to get it from our diet or supplements.

Iodine is important for many different things, including:

  • Making thyroid hormones
  • Regulating metabolism
  • Supporting cognitive function and energy levels
  • Maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Detoxifying the body

If you don't get enough iodine, you may develop a condition called iodine deficiency disorder (IDD). IDD can cause a range of problems, including goiters (enlarged thyroid gland), mental retardation, and infertility. In severe cases, it can even be fatal.

Iodine deficiency is a global health problem that can lead to serious health consequences including preventable mental retardation.


Product Ingredients

12.5 mg of total Iodine (5 mg as molecular iodine and 7.5 mg as potassium iodine)

Other ingredients: Green (Chlorophyll), Vegetable Capsules, Microcrystalline Cellulose.


About Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs was founded in 2003 with the mission of providing natural health solutions that combine the best of nature with science-backed formulas. Since then, they have helped thousands of people across the globe achieve better health naturally with their world-class products.

If you are looking for a natural health solution that will finally help you achieve your health goals, look no further than Mother Earth Labs.



Is Lugol's Iodine good for you?

Lugol's iodine is a chemical compound that contains iodine. Iodine is an essential element for human health, and it is found in some foods. The body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones. These hormones are important for regulating the body's metabolism.

Lugol's iodine has been used for many years to treat individuals who have iodine deficiency.


Can Lugol's Iodine be harmful to you?

Lugol's iodine is a strong iodine solution and can be toxic if taken in large amounts, so it should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Individuals with thyroid problems, kidney disease, or diabetes should not take Lugol's iodine.


Is Lugol's iodine good for the thyroid?

Yes, Lugol's iodine can be beneficial for people with thyroid disorders. Iodine is an essential mineral for the function of the thyroid gland, and a deficiency can lead to problems such as goiters, hypothyroidism, and even mental retardation in severe cases.

While most people get enough iodine from their diet, those with certain medical conditions or who live in areas with iodine-deficient soils may need supplements. Lugol's iodine is one form of supplemental iodine that can be used to treat iodine deficiency. Some studies have even shown that it can help improve thyroid function in people with hypothyroidism.

Lugol's iodine should not be used without the supervision of a healthcare professional, however, as it can be dangerous in high doses. People with thyroid problems should work with their doctor to find the correct dose of iodine for their individual needs and thyroid health.


Is lugol's iodine the same as Betadine?

Lugol's iodine and Betadine are not the same. Betadine is an antiseptic that contains povidone-iodine, while Lugol's iodine is a solution of potassium iodide and iodine. While both iodine solutions can be used for disinfecting wounds, Betadine is more effective against bacteria, while Lugol's iodine is more effective against viruses.

Lugol's solution also has a higher concentration of iodine than potassium iodide tablets.


Are there any side effects associated with using Lugol's Iodine?

Lugol's iodine is generally safe for most people to use. However, some people may experience side effects such as skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use and speak to your doctor.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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