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GI UltraMAX Pro 30 servings

GI UltraMAX Pro 30 servings

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Brand: Mother Earth Labs
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Mother Earth Labs GI UltraMAX Pro 30 servings

GI UltraMAX Pro

Follow Healthcare practitioner instructions. Serving size is 1 - 2 Scoops per day. Best if added to a small volume of water and stirred or shaken well. Drink the small volume of liquid. It is very important to follow with a full glass of water. It is normal that the mixture thickens in water.

30 servings.

GI UltraMAX Pro Formula is a Comprehensive Array of "All-Star" Ingredients that are proven in research and clinical studies to support the key aspects of GI health - All Combined in one product.

GI UltraMax Pro Formula with its researched and clinically-proven ingredients supports these important aspects of GI health:

  • Stronger intestinal barrier support and improved GI cellular tight junction function. Mucosal Barrier support. Increases in natural "good bacteria" SCFA production - such as butyrate - and phospholipids to help heal the GI tract.
  • Proven Immune System support and immune modulatory elements for a healthier immune response.
  • A superior group of high-molecular weight, stable, prebiotic fibers proven to enhance a natural, healthy Microbiome flora in the GI tract. Fibers also naturally improve detoxification and promote Weight Management by a feeling of fullness. Fiber supports a normal Microbiome balance which prevents "bad bacteria" from sending messages to the brain to overeat the wrong foods which further supports weight management.
  • Potent anti-oxidant and soothing, effective anti-inflammatory support with several powerful ingredients to help reduce inflammation and inflammatory responses throughout the GI tract.
  • Helping to provide relief with more normalized bowel habits, as well as Detoxification support in binding, shuttling and eliminating toxins through the colon.
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