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About MitoQ

MitoQ is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements that provide mitochondria with all the support they need to help us live a healthy life and enhance our wellbeing. The company is focused on raising awareness of the knowledge that mitochondria can contribute to reaching our goals and fulfilling our dreams. The more powerful they are, the more our life quality increases. In this attempt, MitoQ has managed to create a highly effective antioxidant with great potential to improve the quality of life.


The company is among the first in the world to have found and then handed over an enhanced form of CoQ10 to the global health community to help research its health benefits and inform the manufacturer about the form’s potential. Indeed, research findings confirm the new form’s pioneering qualities and how it can dramatically enhance one’s life quality. 


How MitoQ Began 

Back in the 1990s, Mitochondrial Specialist, Michael Murphy, and Biochemist, Robin Smith were trying to comprehend the reason behind the ineffective cures for specific diseases when individuals were taking CoQ10 and other antioxidant supplements. The two scientists then started experiments in a science lab at the University of Otago in New Zealand, where they found the root cause of the problem – regular CoQ10 supplements were inappropriately sized (too big) to pass through the mitochondrial wall that has been known to be extremely selective. This means that while these supplements, indeed, managed to enter the bloodstream, they were unable to reach the mitochondria, which was the intended goal. MitoQ is hundreds of times more effective in penetrating the body mitochondria than regular CoQ10 antioxidants. 

Why Our Mitochondria Are So Important

In a nutshell, the mitochondria (the powerplants of the cell – located inside each one) are responsible for generating the energy the cells need to keep us healthy (and breathing) by combining the air we breathe and the food we eat. 

An overwhelming 90% of the energy the body uses comes from free-floating, bean-shaped organelles located inside nearly all of our cells (counting trillions) called the mitochondria. Their role? To generate energy for tissues, organs, and cells to use so they can ensure their healthy function. Their primary activity is to take the food we consume and the air we breathe and turn them into energy. Consequently, they make both free radicals and the antioxidant CoQ10, which exist in perfect harmony and balance with one another because the CoQ10 made in the mitochondria helps keep the free radicals from causing damage. 

This key enzyme called CoQ10 (1) neutralizes harmful free radicals, and (2) creates energy for the cells. Unfortunately, it has been found that the mitochondria produce less energy with each passing year (about 10% less every 10 years). This means that we are in need of CoQ10 supplementation as we get older. The problem with ordinary CoQ10 products is that their molecules are too large to enter the double membrane of the mitochondria. Therefore, they cannot deliver the qualities they are tied to, leaving the cells starving for energy. As a result, the body starts to decline, and it begins to malfunction. 

The reason why mitochondria decline has to do with lifestyle factors, illness, and age. In any case, CoQ10 levels naturally decline over time, forcing the body to spend more time fixing the damage done from free radicals than it did before. This leaves it (the body) with less energy to power the muscles while sending reduced energy to fundamental organs, such as the heart and eyes, to sustain their normal function (continue to beat and maintain eyesight, respectively). With no sufficient amounts of CoQ10 entering the mitochondria, the dial cannot be shifted, which means that CoQ10 is not able to help fix this problem.  

The New Groundbreaking CoQ10 Molecule 

Given all the above, it was paramount to create a new molecule that would be small enough to penetrate the tough mitochondrial membrane. After years of research, MitoQ found a new antioxidant – an enhanced form of CoQ10 – that could power up the body’s energy source. Thanks to their positive charge, these new molecules cross the mitochondrial membrane and work twofold (1) to help reduce free radical damage and (2) to help to balance CoQ10 levels. All this activity leaves cells free to perform their daily routine and tasks without having to figure out ways to resolve free radical damage and the likes. As a result, the individual feels healthier, more powered up, and more energetic (with all known benefits deriving from each accomplishment). 


MitoQ Product Categories

The company offers supplements in the following categories:

  • Heart 

  • Liver

  • Joint

  • Blood Sugar

  • Eye

  • Brain

  • Skin Support

  • Skin Protection 

  • Skincare 

  • 5mg

  • 5mg Triple Pack 

  • +Curcumin


MitoQ Best Sellers

Some of the top-rated MitoQ supplements are:

MitoQ 5mg Triple Pack – It helps sustain energy levels, supports healthy aging, fosters mental focus, promotes wellbeing, and adds cellular resilience and vitality. 

MitoQ Heart – It helps keep the blood pressure within a normal range, fosters flexible arteries, and contributes to optimal cardiovascular health. 

MitoQ +Curcumin – It balances the immune system, promotes mental focus and clarity, fosters gastrointestinal health, and supports digestive performance. 

MitoQ Liver – It encourages the natural purification of the blood, supports fat metabolism, promotes the storage of energy, and fosters healthy liver function. 

MitoQ Joint – It sustains the healthy function of the joints, encourages joint mobility, and improves immune response. 

MitoQ Blood Sugar – It supports the health of the organs and helps keep glucose levels within a normal range. 

MitoQ Eye – It supports tear function, fosters eye health, and encourages normal night vision.