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Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with Meratrim and Integra-Lean 60 vcaps
Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with Meratrim and Integra-Lean 60 vcaps

Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with Meratrim and Integra-Lean 60 vcaps

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Brand: Life Extension
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Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Benefits

  • Encourages the breakdown of fat cells.
  • Helps inhibit the growth of fat cells.
  • Contributes to stopping the production of fat cells.
  • Hinders the conversion of triglycerides into fat.
  • Hampers the transformation of glucose into fat.
Life Extension Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with Meratrim and Integra-Lean 60 vcaps

About Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula

Advanced Anti-Adipocyte is a Life Extension product that has been specifically formulated to help to not only combat the storage of excess body fat but also hinder the production of fat cells. This science-based formula is a perfect weight management nutritional supplement that owes its qualities to two carefully selected ingredients, namely Metatrim (a mix of Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus extracts) and Integra-Lean African Mango.

Body Fat and Losing Weight Facts

To get an idea of how Advanced Anti-Adipocyte works (more details in the following section), it is paramount to understand how losing weight and losing fat correlate. According to studies, our weight is determined by two factors (1) the rate at which our body uses the energy it gets from the food we eat, and (2) the rate at which the body stores energy from that food.

If we don’t eat or if we exercise a lot, the body is forced to draw energy from its internal energy stores. Through a complex mechanism and a cascade of actions, the body breaks down the fat stored in the fat cells, causing them to shrink. Remember, though, that the overall number of fat cells does not change – these cell types just get smaller in size.

Excess weight is the outcome of taking in more calories/energy than you are using. The body stores this extra energy primarily in the form of triglycerides in adipose tissue and in the liver in the form of glucose.

When you diet, you force the body to take in fewer calories than it needs, so it starts to search for alternative ways to get the required energy to perform its functions and maintain optimal health. To achieve that, it turns to its fat reserves and starts with the fat cells that are positioned all around the body. This causes the fat cells that give their energy to the body to diminish in size. As a result, we lose weight and get thinner. The same happens when we exercise, which usually puts the body into a fat-burning mode after 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise.

How Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula Works

The idea behind the formulation of Advanced Anti-Adipocyte is that the best way to reduce excess fat is to aim its accumulation inside the adipocytes (the fat cells). When taking in conjunction with a regular exercise routine and an overall healthy lifestyle (including healthy dietary habits), Advanced Anti-Adipocyte can deliver the maximum of its health-promoting and weight management benefits.

The effectiveness of the formula is attributed to the mix of ingredients and the patented blend of botanical extracts in it. For instance, Meratrim has been created after studies have shown that two specific herbal extracts, those of mangosteen (G. mangostana) fruit and the S. Indicus flower, exhibit particularly promising results when combined. This combination targets the mechanisms in which the adipocytes (the fat cells) store fat. This causes them to swell, preventing them from metabolizing fat into energy (lipolysis). Metatrim stimulates the production of a hormone called adiponectin, which affects the rate at white lipolysis takes place, along with the rate of adipogenesis (the formation of new fat cells).

As for the other patented combination, Integra-Lean African Mango Ivringia, it fights excess fat storage by blocking the production of an enzyme that is involved in the conversion of triglycerides and glucose into stored fat – glycerol-2-phosphate dehydrogenase. Those two blends can create a superb foundation for a healthy weight management program.

Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula Ingredients

The product contains the following compounds:

  • Metatrim Proprietary Blend (fruit rinds from Garcinia mangostana extract and flower heads from Sphaeranthus indicus extract).
  • Integra-Lean African Mango proprietary extract (seeds from Irvingia gabenensis).

Other ingredients: vegetable stearate, silica, cellulose, microcrystalline, and vegetable capsule.

Important Notes:

  • The recommended dosage is one capsule two times a day, around half an hour before a meal unless your doctor instructs otherwise.
  • Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are on medication to lower blood glucose before taking this formula.
  • Always speak with your physician when using nutritional supplements, especially if you have a serious health issue, are pregnant/breastfeeding, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition.

About the manufacturer

Life Extension is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements that utilizes the wisdom and findings of advanced research and science-based approaches. The company uses supreme quality ingredients to create clinically studied formulations and has been providing healthcare practitioners with premium products for over 40 years. Each Life Extension product comes with its own Certificate of Analysis, which enables transparency throughout all stages involved in the making of these formulas.

Some of the top-rated Life Extension products are sleep and relaxation-promoting Fast Acting Liquid Melatonin, nutrition-providing Vitamins C and K with Sea-Iodine, metabolism-supporting Uric Acid Control, organ system-protecting Bioactive Complete B-Complex, and gastrointestinal health-fostering Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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