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Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula 42 packets (H25)

Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula 42 packets (H25)

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Brand: Honso
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Honso Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula 42 packets (H25)

Honso Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula

Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula, also known as Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan or Keishi-bukuryo-gan, is used to eliminate blood stasis in the lower burner.

What it is best for:

Honso Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula may be helpful for the following:

  • Support normal circulation
  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Support normal vaginal function
  • Heaviness in adbominal area

TCM Function

  • Eliminates blood stasis in the lower burner

Serving Size and Directions

1 packet, three times a day.


Cinnamon and Hoelen by Honso contains these ingredients:

Pin Yin English Percentage
Fu Ling Poria 20%
Mu Dan Pi (Su) Moutan 20%
Bai Shao Peony (White) 20%
Rou Gui Cinnamon Bark 20%

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Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula 42 packets (H25) Reviews

I started using this tea after reading a scientific paper that it had worked to decrease uterine fibroids in women in Japan. I have 4 fibroids and was ready to have surgery. My husband and I are scientists so we approached with caution and made sure we did our research about side effects and effectiveness. Well, after one month of daily use, my fibroids and uterus have already shrunk considerably!! I used to have an 18 week uterus with three large (lemon) and one small (grape) sized fibroids. All are smaller and my uterus is at 14 weeks. I feel great with no side effects and will continue until all are gone. The tea has a crummy taste, but I do not care! I will continue getting the tea from Acu Atl. Shipping is fast and pricing is good.
carol b. - Feb 22, 2015
This product truly works and the night sweats have subsided. I'm definitely sleeping better at night.
Daisy C. - Feb 04, 2015
I have hot flashes, day and night sweats. I started drinking this tea and immediiately all sweats and hot flashes stopped. I am drinking this 3 times a day as directed and it is working great! I can't believe it stopped the the sweats so quickly (the same day). I am getting ready to purchase my 2nd box. I would recommend that you try it and see if it works for you.
Jackie O. - Jul 29, 2013
I purchased this product after watching Dr. Oz and am on my second box. As of this time it has not helped to ease the flashes which occur roughly every hour. I realize that sometimes you have to get a product in your system for a couple of months for it to work, so I am going to try and give it some more time. The only thing that has eased the intensity of the heat so far has been taking 1 400iu of vitamin E every night. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that in another month or two this product will work, if not I won't continue to purchase it.
kathryn F. - Dec 21, 2010
I purchased this after hearing of it on the Dr. Oz television show. I have intense hot flashes in that I have one every hour. I've tried everything there is to try, to no avail. I can't use progesterone cream or HRT because they give me headaches. After building up to drinking the tea three times a day, I started getting a headache after drinking it each time so I cut back to drinking it once a day. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any difference in the intensity or number of my hot flashes ( whether drinking one cup or three cups). I think I may have estrogen dominance and will need to address that next, since nothing is helping these hot flashes. Maybe this product will help someone who doesn't have my problem.
Rebecca W. - Nov 24, 2010
It's been a few times I buy Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula. I have a uterin fibrome and I had big constipation problems. This formula helped me a lot with digestion and constipation. I'm feeling really better. I want to say too that Acupuncture Atlanta has a great customer service (5 stars). Even though I live in Canada, I receive my orders within 4-5 working days with the lowest shipping rate. I tried to find a product like that in Canada with the internet but I couldn't find any place in my area. That's why I ordered at Acupuncture Atlanta. I tried other places in U.S but your service is really better. That's why I came back. Thanks again for your help. M. J. Turpin (Canada)
Marie J. - Nov 14, 2010
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