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Eleuthero 4 oz

Eleuthero 4 oz

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Brand: Herb Pharm
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Eleuthero Benefits:

  • Encourages normal adrenal response.
  • Supports normal immune response.
  • Fosters immune, cognitive, and physical stamina.
  • Helps fight stress-related symptoms.
  • Helps shorten the severity & duration of colds.
  • Increases joint mobility by reducing inflammation.
  • Prevents the buildup of harmful free radicals in the brain.
  • Enhances concentration, focus, and memory.
Herb Pharm Eleuthero 4 oz

About Eleuthero

Eleuthero is an Herb Pharm formula that has been designed to help individuals experiencing stress and fatigue alleviate symptoms. The liquid herbal supplement helps relieve stress while also improving mental and physical stamina and energy levels.

Also referred to as Siberia ginseng, eleuthero is a small shrub that grows primarily in China, Korea, Japan, and Russia. Evidence shows that eleuthero was probably first used more than 2,000 years ago in China and that it was a popular herbal remedy for stress relief. In traditional medicines, eleuthero is used as an adaptogen. This means that it enables the body to adapt and cope with stress efficiently. Nevertheless, it also contributes to the increase or betterment of the nervous system function, given its role as a potent stimulant.

How Eleuthero Works

Eleuthero is one of the herbs that have been extensively researched in Russia for the past 70 years after a more cost-effective alternative to ginseng was required for Russian athletes. Eleuthero 4 oz formula uses an extract from responsibly wildcrafted Eleutherococcus senticosus shrubs and has double the concentration the official Eleuthero extract that was designed according to the Russian pharmacopoeia has. Also, the fact that it comes in liquid format encourages faster absorption, which could deliver even better health outcomes.

It should be noted that the manufacturer uses certified organic cane alcohol to extract the herb and help sustain the properties of the phytochemicals that exist in the plant. To confirm the herb identity, Douglas Labs utilizes organoleptic and macroscopic analysis, followed by a variety of other methods. All these procedures and practices combine to deliver the maximum health potential tied to eleuthero.

The Wondrous Properties of Eleuthero

The herb is a tonic adaptogen that can be used by all genders and ages for longer periods of time. Traditionally, it has been used to treat a plethora of different health conditions. Some potential health benefits related to the use of eleuthero include the:

Reduction of fatigue – Eleuthero is proven to boost energy levels while also bearing compounds that help fight exhaustion.

Enhancement of the cognitive function – Eleuthero contributes to an increase of blood flow in the brain, which, in turn, helps improve concentration, memory, and other mental functions.

Management of cancer – Studies suggest that eleuthero has similar qualities with Panax ginseng, which is found to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer attributes.

Improvement of athletic endurance – Eleuthero is believed to help increase muscle capacity and endurance, especially during times of intense physical activity.

Protection of the immune function – Eleuthero not only boosts the immune system but also helps prevent the formation of ulcers and speeds up the healing process.

Rise of low blood pressure – Eleuthero is a stimulant, and as such, it enhances heart rate and circulation, which may raise low blood pressure.

Reduction of osteoporosis – The herb is found to increase bone and muscle strength, hence prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Management of menopause – Eleuthero can lessen the effects the withdrawal of estrogen has on menopausal women.

Reduction of respiratory tract infections – The herb can shorten the severity and strength of lung infections, such as pneumonia and influenza.

Improvement of lymphatic function – Eleuthero contains eleutherosides, which are believed to improve lymphatic function and reduce swelling caused by a buildup of fluid (aka edema).

Prevention of nerve damage – Eleutherosides can prevent nerve damage while also contributing to the regeneration of nerves and the repair of existing nerve damage. For that reason, eleuthero is considered a potential management or preventative medication for Alzheimer’s disease and other progressive neurological conditions.

Stabilization of blood sugar levels – The compounds in eleuthero can decrease insulin resistance, reduce post-meal and fasting blood sugar levels, and help manage type 2 diabetes.

Eleuthero 4 oz Ingredients

The formula contains Eleuthero root originating from Russia and China.

Other ingredients include certified organic vegetable glycerin, certified organic cane alcohol, and distilled water.

Important Notes:

  • Always speak with your healthcare professional before using Eleuthero 4 oz or another supplement (dietary or nutritional), especially if you take medications or are pregnant/lactating.
  • The recommended dose is one full squeeze in a glass of water 2-3 times a day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare professional.
  • For best results, shake well and take between meals.

About the Manufacturer

Herb Pharm manufactures top-quality herbal formulas with raw ingredients coming directly from either the company-owned farm at the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon or family-owned organic farms from around the world. The Herb Pharm herbal extracts are produced with environmental-conscious, sustainable practices as a means to deliver the maximum of their health benefits while also maintaining Mother Nature’s balance.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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