Low Carb Paleo Show 128 Warren Cargal

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Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Warren Cargal

Warren Cargal’s approach for helping you achieve a healthy creative life is to support you in questioning long-held beliefs about the root causes of chronic disease or aging. There is ample evidence which shows that the greatest health transformations unfold when you address the root cause. What you may not realize is how vital a role you play in your health and in improving it.

Here’s his story!

Warren Cargal, L.Ac

Warren L. Cargal, M. A., L. Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a diplomat with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has practiced Chinese medicine for over 10 years in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and internal medicine and has helped hundreds of men and women with fertility issues. He maintains an active clinic practice in Atlanta GA. Author of two books, Your Mitochondria Key to Health & Longevity" and The Reality We Create The Influence of Beliefs And Consciousness on Our Health And Longevity.