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Back to School: Children’s Health

Back to school will be here soon and we want our kids to be as healthy and anxiety-free as they can be for the school days ahead. A good night’s sleep the night before school begins is the first step to children’s health. In addition, a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast keeps their brains healthy and their energy levels up. Below are a few tips for healthy kids and the start of a great new school year. For more back-to-school tips, check out our Pinterest board for ideas and products. 


Kids should be well-rested before the school day begins, so establishing a regular bedtime routine is crucial. Sleep deprivation can cause kids to have trouble concentrating, experience memory issues, affect their mood, and actually cause them to act more hyper even when they are sleepy. Staying active during the day and limiting screen time at least an hour before bed can help relax kids and encourage sleep. Snow Lotus Child Chiller is an aromatherapy blend for a kid’s room to promote relaxation and calm. 

Immune Support 

Kids are exposed to a lot of things during the school year such as colds, viruses, and environmental toxins. Supporting their immune system can help keep them healthy and strong. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the first step to immune health. Douglas Labs Vita Kids Immune is a formula which includes zinc, vitamin A, blueberry, elderberry, and honeysuckle--all of which can help support normal immune function. Cold coming on? Gaia Kids offers a homeopathic formula, KidsDefense Herbal Drops, which supports a rapid immune response. 

Cognitive Function 

Children’s brains are still developing and control more than just their thinking and learning. However, their diet can affect their brains ability to focus, remember, regulate their mood, and even their digestion. Foods that can help a kid’s brain stay sharp all day are eggs, greens, fish, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, apples, plums, and turmeric. Gaia Kids Attention Daily Herbal Drops is a homeopathic formula that helps support concentration, focus, memory, and alertness. 

Overall Nutrition 

Overall nutrition is crucial to a growing child’s mind and body. A balanced diet including fruits and vegetables is a great start. Sometimes because of picky eating, food allergies, or dietary restrictions, it can be difficult to meet all nutritional needs. A multivitamin and essential fatty acid can help bridge the gap so your kid can be healthy and ready to take on the school day.