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Arterosil - Calroy Health Sciences


Enhancing human health is the foundation of Calroy Health Sciences, maker of Arterosil, a cardiovascular supplement. The company employs experts in nutritional science to produce solutions to common but serious ailments that plague today’s society.

Collaborating with other academic fellows, Calroy has created a whole new approach to heart health. This is the focus among other concerns that Calroy Health Services observes in their research. Arterosil is the number one product in Calroy’s scientific studies. It’s proven successful at treating cardiovascular health, along with supporting the immune system, and other health benefits.


The founder of Calroy Health Sciences, Dr. Chen Chen, is an entrepreneur and science. He’s worked in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and foods for over 30 years. He has a PhD and MS degree in Nutritional Science, a graduate degree in Business Management, and an undergraduate degree in Food Science. He has participated in the implementation of innovative products such as Arterosil and is currently directing research on glyco-therapeutics and glycoengineering.

Other important figures of Calroy Health Sciences include President and CEO, Ed Hoyt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Andi Crosby, Strategic Consultant, Jon Ward, and Medical Advisor, Dr. Derrick DeSilva M.D.

Calroy Health Sciences' Mission

Age, changes in lifestyle, and genetics can cause deterioration of various tissues, bones and other aspects of the human body. When it comes to cardiovascular health, Calroy Health Sciences desires to provide a way to overcome the hand you’ve been dealt, whether over time or through generations of medical issues. The mission is simple: to allow individuals to retain the lifestyle they desire and stay healthy in the process.

When it comes to cardiovascular health the company’s mission is straightforward: Their focus is to protect the endothelium, thus improving blood circulation within the blood vessels and arteries. The way in which blood circulates governs so many serious functions with major organs, the most prominent being the heart itself. An important structure within the blood vessels, the endothelium must be protected.

The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the walls inside blood vessels, and the walls of the heart as well. A substance is released from the endothelial cells that govern vascular contraction and relaxation. These same substances also control immune functioning, enzymes, and adhesion of platelets. Any dysfunction of the endothelium can cause heart attacks and many other serious problems.

Calroy Health Sciences created Arterosil to repair and protect the endothelial glycocalyx. This is done with the use of a main Arterosil ingredient called rhamnan sulfate, along with other organic vegetable and fruit compounds. Arterosil regenerates the loss tissue of the endothelium, or the ‘non-stick’ surface of the arterial lining, and this helps prevent most cardiovascular problems.

Quality and Standards of Calroy Health Sciences

Studies have been conducted to understand how Arterosil works. This patent-pending formula has proved positive results with improving overall heart health, the immune system, and other systems within the body. In conjunction with medical centers and universities, Calroy Health Sciences understand more about the effects that Arterosil have on generating more endothelium tissue. Cardiovascular health is serious, so high expectations are placed on the performance of Arterosil. A few studies and results include:

MRI Carotid Plaque Regression

  • Early phase study

Glycocalyx Mediated Endothelial Function

  • Improvement in Endothelial functioning with Arterosil

Measure of Arterial Elasticity

  • 89.6 % increase in arterial elasticity with use of Arterosil

Regeneration of Glycocalyx

  • Showed repairs in endothelial Glycocalyx with use of Arterosil

Adhesion of Leukocytes

  • Arterosil inhibits inflammation and prevents adhesion of leukocytes

FDA approved technology research includes analyzing the morphology and composition of atherosclerotic plaque which includes carotid plaque that has a lipid rich necrotic core.

Calroy is committed to ongoing relevant research in hopes to understand how Arterosil restores the endothelial glycocalyx, and how it benefits in other areas. The company continues to observe results of Arterosil use, always striving to improve in any needed areas.

Calroy Health Sciences use many organic ingredients including green tea and grape seed extract, which both aid in cardiovascular health, and the proper functioning of the immune system. Juices from carrot root and garlic bulbs are also included in products like Arterosil to perform similar jobs.

However, the main ingredient found in Arterosil is Monostroma, a green Algae found in Asia. The extracts from these plant strands have powerful anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is probably the most powerful ingredient that propels Arterosil in providing the highest percentage of benefits.

Best Selling Calroy Health Sciences Products

Calroy Health Sciences provides quality tested and FDA approved supplements to the market. Improving health and maintaining the lifestyle you enjoy is the reason.

Arterosil HP, 60 capsules - Being the only proven product to offer such phenomenal benefits for cardiovascular health, Calroy Health Sciences puts all its focus on Arterosil. This product goes beyond treating symptoms of arterial plaque formation. This product helps to restore and protect the endothelial glycocalyx which acts as a non-stick surface inside the blood vessels and arteries. The supplement also improves the immune system while support other systems within the body.

Arterosil PRODUCTS